Let’s Help Teens

Scroll To Top Five Ways to Help Teens Feel Good about Themselves As teens struggle with anxiety and perfectionism, how can we help them like who they are? BY AMY L. EVA | MAY 21, 2018 No one wants to hang out with me. I’m a failure at school. All my other friends seem happy. What’s wrong with me? These...[ read more ]

Racial Diversity Is Important

Are People Kinder in Racially Diverse Neighborhoods? According to a new study, people who live in diverse communities tend to identify with all of humanity and help others more. BY TOM JACOBS | APRIL 19, 2018 What do you look for in a community? How about helpful, giving residents—people who are eager to lend a hand? Recently published research suggests...[ read more ]

Self-Awareness and Empathy

Can Self-Awareness Help You Be More Empathic? Two new studies suggest a link between understanding our own emotions and relating to other people’s. BY KIRA M. NEWMAN | APRIL 11, 2018 Print Bookmark By definition, empathy is a social practice—it’s an arm around the shoulder and a few reassuring words, an “I hear you.” But two new studies suggest that...[ read more ]

12 Inner Strengths

How to Hardwire Resilience into Your Brain We'll be better prepared for life's challenges if we cultivate these 12 inner strengths. BY RICK HANSON, FORREST HANSON | MARCH 27, 2018 Print Bookmark One winter, I went camping with my friend Bob in the backcountry near Sequoia National Park. After spending the day slogging uphill through deep snow, we were exhausted...[ read more ]

Non-Judgemental Awareness with Jon Kabat Zinn

Depression In Our Schools

      DEPRESSION WALKS INTO OUR SCHOOLS EVERY DAY   By Richard Durborow   After the tragic shootings at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School it was reported that the shooter was depressed. According to the reports he had suffered from depression and other mental health issues for some time. Some of the adults who were being interviewed seemed...[ read more ]

Emotional Self-Control

Why Emotional Self-Control Matters Releasing anger and frustration can actually help you regain control over a hectic day or win back productivity after feeling frazzled. But you have to do it in a mindful way. By Daniel Goleman | April 11, 2017 wayne_0216/Adobe Stock On the surface, these three people live worlds apart: Stefan works as a family practice nurse practitioner/manager...[ read more ]

Be Present With Sadness

The Importance of Sadness By Susan Piver Dear Mindful Readers, When we leave room for sadness and other difficult emotions, rather than trying to push back on the pain they inflict, it’s a way of showing loving-kindness. Explore these three steps for bringing mindfulness to sadness. 1) Draw on your sense of connection. Dealing with sadness or loss can affect...[ read more ]


Six Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Social Exclusion Though parents may feel powerless when a child is excluded, there is much they can do to help with this painful experience. BY KATIE HURLEY | FEBRUARY 9, 2018 Print Bookmark The mom of a third-grade girl sits in my office, her face buried in her hands. Through muffled sobs,...[ read more ]

The Power of Gratitude

Can Gratitude Help You Recover from a Heart Attack? There is growing evidence that being grateful may not only bring good feelings—it may also lead to better health. BY JEFF HUFFMAN | JANUARY 29, 2018 Print Bookmark Why do some people recover after a heart attack while others don’t? I am a psychiatrist who has spent the last 13 years...[ read more ]